Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Still Waiting …..

Ground Hog Day in Ontario …. And I’ve been making a list of where we’ve spent the past few GHDs. … Time to be away from Canadian winter but still we work to co-ordinate with our Malawi hosts. Luckily, the semester has not started there yet. So, an exercise in patience.

It is an opportunity of course to say good bye yet again to parents, friends, family. And time too for more art lessons (thanks, Murray).

We have a writing project with a local writing group that is generating lots of emails. You can expect to see the results of that in time for Arts Week in September. Once again, collaborative writing unlodges the Writers’ Block.

But the Writers’ Blog is NOT unlodged. There is a comment area which we are putting some time into to make it easy to send us a message. Results: Argh! We won’t quit though because this blog is meant to be interactive, so please hang in for another while OK? We do promise to have photographs, art, trivia and lots of Malawi news for you all.

Cross your fingers that we get off the ground by the end of the week.


  1. The boathouse photograph was taken in the spring of 2008. Deep water.

  2. Hope you get underway soon. I want to see pictures of sunburned shoulders and knees.