Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley

Monday, January 18, 2010

Reality Check

Reality Check

Out my window here in Peterborough, Canada, the park across the road from my home is covered in snow and dotted with black squirrels; joggers wear toques as they travel the track; the sunset – later by minutes each day – turns the sky into shades of fire and cotton candy and candles. I paint with furious brush strokes to capture the colour available for almost one quarter hour each afternoon, then imagine how it will be in Malawi.

You’re reading Claire (aka Dante) and Lloyd’s blog. I hope it won’t turn into Dante’s Inferno but you will certainly hear about it if it is.

Long hours of sunshine and humid heat, sound wonderful from this side of the Atlantic. This past two years has been a time of Reality Checks so why stop now? Our plan is to get involved with some of the University students in a writing capacity – poetry, prose, blogging – or as artists. And, there will be much for us to learn too.

For now, we wait for plane tickets, work visa, health insurance … and soon … we’re outta here.

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