Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Holy Easter! Where was I? Kodi muli bwanji? I am fine! It has been a while but Claire has kept you, our loyal followers, up-to-date. Here's the last bit of February for you from me. I'm also going to try to put up a few pictures too…Thanks for reading.

I went with Anacklet to the Catholic University of Malawi (Cunima) on Wednesday, February 24th, in my (only) suit and tie, to be seen around campus, to meet some of the faculty and to be part of a presentation of books by a local bank, NBS, to the University to the new library under construction. (The bank donated the books as part of a package that gives them exclusive presence with an ABM and 1 staff member on campus.  The Bank Executive, Gilford Kadzakumanja is a Rotarian of the Limbe Club. We three chatted and Anacklet said that our stories about Rotary were the same even though we are ½ a world apart. Anacklet is interested in what Rotary does in the world and is impressed with the actions in the local community. (I hope he will join while I'm here.) So, during the presentation of the books worth KW 1,000,000.00, Anacklet managed to sneak my name and the purpose of my visit to CUNIMA into his speech. He even had me stand and be acknowledged by the dignitaries and students in the lecture hall. Following the presentation I was given a campus tour and got a peek at the Campus flat that Claire and I will live in very soon. It is having a complete renovation and it is gorgeous; small, but just beautiful It is in the middle of the campus and right next door to the Parish… everything is being modernized. The 'house' was a home to monks/priests for about 50 years and those little tiny cells they slept in just wasn't gonna cut it for visiting consultants, professors and the like, especially if they are with their partner. Anyway, we're all hoping the flat will be ready by the end of next week. (However, Malawi time is much s l o w e r than back home. The contractors are also dealing with daily rotating black outs and as I already mentioned some serious downpours.)


After the presentation and tours and introductions and good byes, Anacklet and I made our way back to the house where we were in a blackout. That meant we, including Laureen, went out for Pizza; three large pizzas between 5 of us. Hmmm, let's see… Beef salami, jalapeƱo peppers and pineapples on one, Sweet and sour chicken, tomatoes and cheese on the second and Chambo (fish) and green peppers on the third. I bought the pop and water at a different fast food place and met another Rotarian from the Limbe club who had transferred from the Tete, Mozambique club a year or so ago. He knew the Rotarians who hosted the GSE team in 2008. How small is this world? According to John, the overnight gatekeeper, the power had returned a few minutes before we returned to the house.

Thursday morning we had breakfast and then we shopped at the big (Chichiri) mall. The same place we had had supper the night before. Anacklet dropped us and headed back to Lilongwe for a couple of days of meetings. Claire and I checked emails and Mary went for groceries. The rain began around 9:00AM and continued all day; until 9:00PM. After shopping, we took a 'taxi', a private car with no licence, no air and a severely cracked front window back home.

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